Tuscan Chicken

Tuscan Chicken

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Savor the flavors of Tuscany with our wholesome Tuscan chicken ready meal. Succulent grilled chicken breast, marinated in a blend of aromatic herbs and sun-drenched tomatoes, perfectly paired with nutrient-rich spinach. This hearty and balanced meal provides a taste of Mediterranean goodness, crafted with care for your well-being. It’s also very high in protein so great those on a high protein diet.


140g chicken breast
120g white rice or 120g pasta
4oz of Tuscan sauce

Pasta one contains gluten. Both contain dairy.

Calories, Tuscan with white rice 

35g protein
27g fat
35g carbs
Total calories 469


Celery, milk, may contain nuts

Calories, Tuscan with ragatoni pasta

43g protein
29g fat
35g carbs
Total calories 515


Celery, milk, gluten, may contain nuts